V V Charitable Trust

Our Trust distributes school note books and geometric boxes to more than 652 schools located in rural areas of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari Districts for the past 12 years.

V VM is planning to expand the distribution of educational aids up to technical and other Higher education level by adding more international business people in this program. These aids will be continuously offered to the students until they reach a satisfactory level of attaining their studies.

From the year 2002 onwards, our trust contributes some amount to help physically challenged and spinal cord affected peoples through “Amar Seva Sangam”.

To encourage and educate village students our trust has started an Engineering College entitled “V V Engineering College” to promote the technical education of the rural village students with International Standard.

Our trust offers compliments in the form of books, equipments to encourage brilliant students for developing their performance equivalent to urban students.

Our trust offers various Employment Training Programs such as Tailoring, Computer Course, Painting, Embroidery, Photography from physically disabled students at Amar Seva Sangam, Ayikudy.

From 2010 onwards, our trust offers school bags, uniforms, notebooks, furniture's to the required schools thus enlightening education to poor village students.

Our trust implemented toilet facility to various villages to maintain a healthy and prosperous atmosphere.

Our trust started a hospital named “V V Charitable Hospital” in V V Nagar, Tisayanvilai to provide better treatment to public for free of cost.

V V Group

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  • Textile
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  • IT & Media
  • Stone Aggregates
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